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Themes and coordinators

  1. Kyoto Landslide Commitment for sustainable development
    Kyoji Sassa, Matjaž Mikoš, Shinji Sassa, Khang Dang
  2. Remote sensing, monitoring and early warning
    Veronica Tofani, Michel Jaboyedoff, Jan Klimes, Hans-Balder Havenith
  3. Testing, modeling and mitigation techniques
    Binod Tiwari, Kazuo Konagai, Sabatino Cuomo, Xuanmei Fan
  4. Mapping, hazard, risk assessment and management
    Paola Reichenbach, Snježana-Mihalić Arbanas, David Huntley, Maneesha Ramesh
  5. Climate change, extreme weather, earthquakes and landslides
    Vít Vilímek, Alexander Strom, Stefano Luigi Gariano, Dalia Kirschbaum
  6. Progress in landslide science and applications
    Zeljko Arbanas, Fawu Wang, Faisal Fathani, Beena Ajmera
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